The patient places a small amount of carbamide peroxide in the tray in the comfort of their own home and the stains that the teeth have accumulated over time are gradually removed.

While teeth whitening works well in many cases, especially teeth that are yellow in color, it is more difficult to successfully whiten grey colored teeth or teeth that are discolored due to defects in the tooth’s formation. Also, any restorations (such as crowns or bonding) will not change color due to whitening. If a patient has a lot of restorations in the front part of their mouth, it may be more effective to consider other options such as laminate veneers to improve their smile.

As a dental provider, we are able to offer our patients a variety of prescription strength whitening gels based on the patient’s individual needs. Whitening can occasionally cause sensitivity if the patient traditionally has sensitive teeth or if the concentration of the gel used is too high. If this occurs, do not worry – the sensitivity usually goes away in a few days and brushing with toothpaste specified for sensitive teeth may alleviate any discomfort.

By using our office for teeth whitening, we are able to customize your whitening experience rather than treating each patient the same. We can adjust the concentration of the gel to fit your individual needs and to keep you comfortable while improving your smile!